MIUI Global Stable Redmi Note 4x Snapdragon

MIUI Global Stable lovers Redmi Note 4x sudah bisa mengicipi Android Nougat meskipun masih berbasis MIUI 8. Pembaruan ini sudah bisa diunduh melalui OTA (over-the-air). Pembaruan MIUI ini diluncurkan melalui OTA dan membawa semua fitur dan perbaikan MIUI 8.2. Bagi yang belum menerima notifikasi pembaruan bisa mengupdatenya melalui recovery ROM.
MIUI 8.5 Global Stable V8.5.4.0.NCFMIED Redmi Note 4X Changelog
  • New - Support for exFAT SD cards (03-27)
  • New - A smarter and more efficient CPU allocation strategy (04-05)
App Lock New
  • Separate App locks for Dual apps (02-08)
  • New - Option for hiding the content of notifications on Lock screen (03-16)
  • Optimization - Recorded calls are tagged in the call history (02-22)
  • New - Verification SMS are shown on the Lock screen only after the Lock screen password is entered (02-22)
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
  • Fix - Bluetooth earphones battery status error (01-17)
  • Fix - Notification shade didn't appear after swiping down in some cases (03-07)
  • Fix - Lock screen notifications were blank in some cases (03-17)
  • Fix - Low battery prompt didn't disappear from the Lock screen after the device was charged (03-17)
  • Fix - Couldn't connect to the personal hotspot if it was turned on in the Notification shade (03-17)
Home screen
  • Optimization - Swipe up to remove a task in Recents (01-18)
  • Optimization - Third party app icons (03-17)
  • Optimization - Open the Weather app using the weather clock widget (03-21)
  • Optimization - Reduced size of the Home screen icons (04-20)
  • Fix - Cleaner couldn't fix background activity for Dual apps in some cases (02-28)
  • Fix - Issues with the positions of icons after restoring Home screen layout from Mi Cloud (03-07)
  • New - Slide to browse wallpapers (02-22)
  • New - Renaming albums (02-27)
  • New - Custom groups for albums with people (02-27)
  • New - Pausing ongoing backups (02-27)
  • New - Redesigned the Music app (02-22)
  • New - Personal hotspot is now mutually recognizable by iOS devices (12-27)
  • New - Separate updates for the system apps (02-28)
  • New - Switches for common settings in search results (04-06)
  • Optimization - Prompts for situations when SD card is unmounted (02-23)
  • Optimization - Use search to select your time zone (04-06)
  • New - Export birthday reminders from Contacts (12-28)
  • New - Added official holidays for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Russia (01-11)
  • New - Countdowns for exams, repayments, vacations, etc. (02-22)
  • New - Anniversary reminders for important events (02-22)
  • Optimization - Layout adjustments for shared photos (02-27)
Clock / Calculator
  • New - Calculating discounts (02-23)
  • Optimization - Repeated reminders for new events in the Calendar (02-17)
  • New - Manage autostart for multiple system apps (03-28)
MIUI Forum
  • Fix - Items disappeared from the page after changing font size (04-18)
  • New - Android 7.0 update (08-08)
  • Fix - Couldn't download apps from Google Play in some cases (08-08)
Sinyal 4G aman guys, hanya saja sebagian merasa MIUI sedikit lebih boros baterai. Yang perlu dipahami bahwa boros tidaknya baterai bukan sepenuhnya tergantung pada jenis ROM yang dipakai. Disable Google Apps seperti Gmail, Google Play Music, Google Play Music & TV, Google Duo dan lain-lain termasuk Google App itu sendiri bila tidak membutuhkannya. Bagi yang ingin menggunakan Nougat di MIUI 9 silahkan update ke MIUI versi dev.

#Update MIUI 8.5 Global Stable V8.5.8.0.NCFMIED Redmi Note 4X

Fix - It took too long for the fingerprint to be recognized
Fix - Speaker turned on by mistake for video calls
Fix - Speaker turns on for video calls only after they are accepted
New - New format for activation SMS
Fix - Camera sometimes force closed when images were viewed there
Fix - Performance slowed down when music was played
Fix - Backups couldn't be restored in some cases.

Saat ini sudah mulai dirilis MIUI 10 untuk hampir semua varian