Free shell account for your bot [experiment]

I create one shell account for you guys. This account to anyone who want to try create a bot run from server. This is totally free, no warranty of course. Keep in mind that is not personal account, everyone can access, delete by other user, etc. I will not be responsible with everything due to this public account.

If you want to test your bots here, I suggest you to:
  • Do not create a bots using your primary id/password.
  • Do not make your bots as rooms administrator or your rooms will be gone :D

Here you go:
  • prepare your ssh client, putty, midpssh, connectbot, terminal window or whatever is.
  • login using with password 12345678a
  • upload your bot or you can use zip file already uploaded.
  • extract it - rename folder/directory name as you want to anticipate that your folder will not be overwritten by other (mv -f directory newdirectory)
  • configure your bot in that folder.
PS: This acc for anyone who want to. So please do not delete or modify another folder name if exist except your folder.