Commands Bot Part II

Prior commands are here. Actually, detail about commands bots base on talisman core can be seen in the plugins themselves. Open the plugins then scroll down, you will see register_command_handler. Commands below are not necessarily the same as another, like I said, depending on what plugins you use.

autosend plugin: same as autokick if autokick does't works. Repeatly send a message with specified interval. Commands:
- autosend interval in seconds message
Example: autosend 100 hi guys 
- autosend off
asdot bot

Profile plugin : shows the status and nickname of the jid.
- profile nick
Example:  profile natalie

aff plugin: affiliate plugin for python bot modified (make owner,admin,banned,etc)
- own , make owner 
- adm , make admin - mem , make member 
- part , make participant/none 
- bann , ban user 
Example:  own natalie
- aff , show affiliation list in the current conference. ex: 'aff owner','aff admin','aff moderator','aff member','aff participant','aff outcast'