Running Nimbuzz Bot On Server

Many people ask me how to run bot on shell account or vps. Actually this tutorial is already posted here, but they are confused how to translate haha. You might use online translate but sometimes it could be totally wrong :D

Okay, here we go.
What do you need?
  • At least 2 Nimbuzz id, 1 id for bot and the other for bot admin.
  • Shell (freeBSD) or VPS (Linux) account. There's a many free shell account. But keep in mind that VPS is more stable than Shell to run this bot.
  • SSH Client. For PC users can use PuTTy, for java mobile users and ConnectBot for Android users.
Nimbuzz Bot

What to do?
  • Login to your server using ssh client.
  • Type wget [download_url] command to download bot zip file. Example: wget 
  • Type unzip to extract
  • Type cd bot to go to bot directory
  • Edit config.txt using nano config.txt command (see how to config)
  • Back to home directory
  • Run your bot using command daemon python bot/ for freeBSD users, type screen [enter] python bot/ [enter] for VPS Linux users.
  • My bot above include greeting plugin ( with Indonesian language, you are allowed to modify or delete the plugin then add greeting text manually.
  • List some of SSH client commands are here
  • Commands for stOrm are here 
  • Enjoy your bot :D
#Update 9-9-2012 Natalie Bot v4.3.4

Change log:
- modified (make owner/admin/member/participant/banned room users)
- midified (en)
- added (repeatly send a message with specified interval)
- added (Showing status and nickname of the JID)
- removed (doesnt works for shell server)
- etc

#Update 9-9-2012 Natalie Bot v4.3.6

Download  page bots are here 

I create one shell account for you guys, Just for experiment. Here you go

#Update 3-26-2013 

Check this out Running Nimbuzz Bot On Server [Part II]