Installing stOrm bot for Nimbuzz

How to install stOrm bot for Nimbuzz. You need to install Python Phyton2.5.x - 2.7.x, you can download Python here . After installing Python, download stOrm bot, Asdot-bot or pybot for Nimbuzz (include pluggins for quiz, antikick/autoposting at room) and extract it. Newer version are here.
Installing stOrm bot for Nimbuzz

* Go to the extracted directory and find the configuration file config.txt, open and edit this file with your Nimbuzz user id (use Notepad or Notepad++).

save and exit

* Go to stOrm bot directory then open or double click file
* bot online


* Login your id_bot_admin with your favorite jabber client and join room
* add id_bot to your contact list
* pvt your bot;


* now enjoy play your bot

Commands for stOrm click here, you may also make quiz and antikick (auto post) bot nimbuzz chatroom and how to run Nimbuzz Bot on Shell Account

#Update :

if your bot offline after an minute, delete ../plugins/ file and/or another plugins that have relation with pressence


You have no any bot? Now you can handle your rooms using commands like a bot. Just type /help in chat room then you will see a few other commands.


You can run this bot from Linux server. If you have python2.4.x check out here How to upgrade to Python2.7.x