Commands Bot Part II

Prior commands are here. Actually, detail about commands bots base on talisman core can be seen in the plugins themselves. Open the plugins then scroll down, you will see register_command_handler. Commands below are not necessarily the same as another, like I said, depending on what plugins you use.

autosend plugin: same as autokick if autokick does't works. Repeatly send a message with specified interval. Commands:
- autosend interval in seconds message
Example: autosend 100 hi guys 
- autosend off
asdot bot

Profile plugin : shows the status and nickname of the jid.
- profile nick
Example:  profile natalie

aff plugin: affiliate plugin for python bot modified (make owner,admin,banned,etc)
- own , make owner 
- adm , make admin - mem , make member 
- part , make participant/none 
- bann , ban user 
Example:  own natalie
- aff , show affiliation list in the current conference. ex: 'aff owner','aff admin','aff moderator','aff member','aff participant','aff outcast'

37 Responses to "Commands Bot Part II"

  1. bro, how should we change order plugin's kick mode to ban mode? Coz it helps to stop flooding in the chat room.
    Please help bro, thanks

  2. @Pree Yesh, try this command "filt fly mode ban"
    i hope that cmd still work. otherwise you could make your own autoband plugins or modify another similiar plugins.

  3. thanks very much for reply :)maybe that command is still working,but does this command work at long nick ban, obscene word ban??
    (filt obscene, filt caps, filt like)

  4. @pree Yesh, try "filt len" to enable/disable long nick filter

  5. bro my bot online and everything done but it didnt enter room.what to do now?

  6. "join roomname@c.n.c"
    bot nick at config.txt must be same as bot id

  7. wow that was fast reply! thank you but it didnt work bot only saying join to i tried c.n.c also but it only saying join to but not joining

  8. Leave room@c.n.c
    make bot as member, admin or owner of rooms then rejoin again.

    If it doesn't work, check ur confiq.txt

  9. pake python di atas 2.6 gimana? berhasil bisa pvan duang ma botnya..

  10. @dovan, kl mau ngerum, pastikan bot nick di config.txt harus di isi dan hrs sama dg username bot.

  11. how to install a plugin package for my bot using shell commands, i m using putty.. please reply

  12. @abhimanyu,upload the plugin to server at /plugins directory.
    ex: wget

    PS: extract first if you have zip file.

  13. I have two rooms.. 1st room is cambodia: bot is working. but my 2nd room europe-cambodia-asian I can only join but all commands didn't work. pls help Asdot bro

  14. @chiesaraha, you're sure? because I never face this issues.
    try to re-run your bot, or leave then join room again.

    oh btw, type "test" command to test.

  15. yep, my room has long name wasn't able to use commands. I had problem again, my bot isn't working with "autosend 100 hi". bro make tutorial how to run bot on VPS. I WANT TO LEARN EVERYTHING FROM YOU. thanks.

  16. Depend your bot has an autosend or not. see plugins folder.

    vps linux? replace "daemon" command with "screen" to make bot running background.
    screen (enter)
    python blablabla (enter)

  17. no, my bot has only and where can I change welcome/bye message?

  18. @chiesaraha, Some scripts from this plugin has no longer compatible for shell I guess.
    btw, what exactly do you want? make bot auto post so as not to be kicked out of the rooms?
    if yes, use autosend plugin to make your bot auto post at room.

    - autosend
    ex: autosend 100 enjoy thr room

  19. thanks for replied me fast bro. it's working. but how can I add many messages to autosend? like autosending hi or hello or how are you, many many..... can it possible bro?

  20. sorry bro :D one room one message :D you can add different message to another rooms.

    if you want to add many messages, I suggest you to user auroplay. macroadd plugin in this case.

  21. what is macroadd,gmacroadd used for? I typed : macroadd glitch say/hi , macroadd glitch say/hello,
    gmacroadd glitch say/how are you and bot replied: Added but Bot won't reply what I wrote :D

  22. @chiesaraha, ah that was wrong commands I guess. you should add this [`]quotes
    ex: macroadd glitch `say /me thought, that all of glitch`

  23. bro gide me right command for bot downloading,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    i m using mid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  24. bro i unable to down load nim bot through my mobile,,,,,,,,,,,,
    can u send me the command ............for downing the mobile bot,,,,,,,,,
    even i made shell account but its not working,,,,,,,,,,,,,according the instruction .......i did but its is not working,,,,,,,,,bro help me,,,,,,,,,
    my mobile model is Motorola ex-109
    its java enable ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    but i unable to download through my mobile........bro help me

  25. @piyush, open ssh client - login to shell account - then execute this command "wget bot_file_URL"
    take a look at herefor tutorial how to run bot on server.

  26. Hi again bro, is it possible to set bot lefts room in specific time?like bots auto left room in 15minutes and bot auto rejoin room back. Im using many bots in room. And I don't wanna use autosend. I just want all the bots hang in room:-D. Thanks you...

  27. how? :D don't understand it bro.. explain?:D my mail chiesaraha@gmail. thanks ;)

  28. Cron enables users to schedule jobs (commands or shell scripts ) to run periodically at certain times.

    oh wait, what server you are using?

  29. My server's Running Nataliebot3.4.6 with PuTTy. I'm not an advance user bro,pls explain me for more detail:-D much respect my asdot bro

  30. luck for you I guess. Cjb doesn't offer access to crontab or screen.
    So I suggest you to use autosend message to make bot hang in room.

  31. everything works fine and i've used this bot 1 year ago too it worked perfectly, now again when im trying to run it, everything is smooth just the fact that when i connect the bot, it loads and comes online but goes off instantly again, dont know what's wrong, help pls!

  32. @DotA; are you running on server? if so, what server you're using?

  33. nice bot helps so much, thank you very much....
    is there a way i can turn off (salam plugin)?

  34. @Pradeep Kachari; there are several metode to disable it.

    - disable command(s)handler has come from plugins.
    commoff bye
    commoff hallo
    PS: use "common xxx" to enable again

    - delete the plugi. delete or (I forgot the file name of plugin for salam :D )

  35. bro how to use and what is mean of wget http://

  36. @computerbrain, wget is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP