Running Nimbuzz Bot On Server

Many people ask me how to run bot on shell account or vps. Actually this tutorial is already posted here, but they are confused how to translate haha. You might use online translate but sometimes it could be totally wrong :D

Okay, here we go.
What do you need?
  • At least 2 Nimbuzz id, 1 id for bot and the other for bot admin.
  • Shell (freeBSD) or VPS (Linux) account. There's a many free shell account. But keep in mind that VPS is more stable than Shell to run this bot.
  • SSH Client. For PC users can use PuTTy, for java mobile users and ConnectBot for Android users.
Nimbuzz Bot

What to do?
  • Login to your server using ssh client.
  • Type wget [download_url] command to download bot zip file. Example: wget 
  • Type unzip to extract
  • Type cd bot to go to bot directory
  • Edit config.txt using nano config.txt command (see how to config)
  • Back to home directory
  • Run your bot using command daemon python bot/ for freeBSD users, type screen [enter] python bot/ [enter] for VPS Linux users.
  • My bot above include greeting plugin ( with Indonesian language, you are allowed to modify or delete the plugin then add greeting text manually.
  • List some of SSH client commands are here
  • Commands for stOrm are here 
  • Enjoy your bot :D
#Update 9-9-2012 Natalie Bot v4.3.4

Change log:
- modified (make owner/admin/member/participant/banned room users)
- midified (en)
- added (repeatly send a message with specified interval)
- added (Showing status and nickname of the JID)
- removed (doesnt works for shell server)
- etc

#Update 9-9-2012 Natalie Bot v4.3.6

Download  page bots are here 

I create one shell account for you guys, Just for experiment. Here you go

#Update 3-26-2013 

Check this out Running Nimbuzz Bot On Server [Part II]

44 Responses to "Running Nimbuzz Bot On Server"

  1. pliz give details about puty setting plz plz help

  2. bro what is the command for ban flood idz? & how to set kick on abuse wordz

  3. #1 host =, port = 22, SSH for example

    #2 Some people succeed modified ban features, try to get info at punjabi room.
    or you can decrease flood using "iq on/off" commands.

  4. m login in ban bot. . . . Now how can i stop floodz within this bot, what commands use?

  5. autoban
    JID that has a specific word were located in dynamic/bl.txt file.
    ysee plugins to learn more.

  6. .. . . . . . . . . can i run this bot with shell account?

  7. pako doesn't run under python base

  8. gan mav ni kalo regiter ptty dimana mav ga paham ,,,mohon pencerahanya

  9. Putty sekedar aplikasi utk mengontrol bot dari pc ke server bro. kl dari hp java bs pake midpssh.
    utk registernya ya ke server mana yg mau digunakan semisal (free) atau beli vps linux.

  10. kalau untuk di vps gmn gan

    mohon detailnya


  11. sprti uraian diatas gan. utk vps linux relatif sama gan, cuma command utk semacam running backgroud yg berbeda dgn shell acc (freebsd)
    ane pernah coba memang lebih mantab n lebih tahan dc ketimbang di shell.
    yaah namanya juga fasilitas berbayar :D

  12. klw upload pk ftp file bot ke vps upload kdalam mn boz

  13. @chovy, ga jauh beda gan. upload via putty gampang kok (wget url)
    kalo edit file memang lebih mudah pake ftp. tp toh nanti kan ketauan diforder mana setelah upload via putty.

  14. Hi, bro, I don't know to use Putty:(.. pls help...

  15. @chiesaraha, see image of putty at here

    you only need to change with your account and server names then click Open :)

  16. Thank Asdot bro. I am done. :D but How to start quiz? do I need to download quiz? and how to edit quiz,greeting... bot says"does quiz exist"?

  17. Check with !quiz command, we'll see the bot include quiz or not.
    if not, add quiz plugin and question
    Tutorial how to make a quiz are here

  18. bro..why bot is stop giving question automatic? it's always stopped after 5questions..and it gone offline...

  19. @chiesaraha, it's due to server speed or quality I guess. try to run bot from pc then see what different.

  20. hye asdot would you please tell me how can i run this bot on Centos5 vps.. i have downloded and edited but unable to run as im aware of centos5 vps command

  21. @shadab, your centos built-in python? if yes, try to run your bot without daemon.
    ex: python bot/
    is it works?

  22. Dear Asdot : Thanks for your concern. I tried this but do not work..

  23. @shadab, May be it doesn't installed python or have an older python version. I am not sure about that but may be you can try to install it manually

    btw, if python already installed, check python version using this command
    - python -V
    if doesn't works, use this
    - python -c 'import sys; print sys.version[:3]'

  24. thanks Asdot this error i get

    [root@shad ~]# python -c 'import sys; print sys.version[:3]'
    [root@shad ~]# python bot/
    File "bot/", line 135
    with wsmph:
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax
    [root@shad ~]#

  25. you have 2.4, the bots need 2.5.x - 2.7.x

  26. Its very difficult to install python on centos5 vps :D

  27. @Shadab Ahmad, Sorry I'm late to respond. Yeah You were right, little bit difficult to do it.

  28. Doesn't mean to reject your add :) but my id offline since 1 year ago ;)

  29. I have new problem now . Bot is running. but when i close putty on my computer bot also goes offline.. is there any other trick i need to know ??

    Thaks Asdot

  30. @shadab, Does your OS support "screen" command?
    if yes try this
    - screen [enter]
    - python bot/ [enter]
    (bot/ just an example, the name of directory and file maybe different with yours) then close your putty

  31. hi bro.. i have getting this error message when i am typing screen command ...
    " Cannot access '/dev/pts/29': No such file or directory "
    i am using windows 7 64bit os and putty , pls help me

  32. @Unni Kuttan, Probably the folders you mentioned didn't exist or you don't have root access privilege.

  33. im using . i followd the steps as u mentioned in tutorial . aftr the all steps it shows bot is ready to work and it came online . but when i close the putty bot going offline . Then i noted your reply for shahad ahamad and i type 'screen' command in putty but it says me to install screen package in homedirectory . i installed screen using ' installhome screen ' command . after that again i tried for screen command . then it shows " Cannot access '/dev/pts/29': No such file or directory " . what is the solution for this error bro.. ? is that possible to get root access privilege ?

  34. @Unni Kuttan, bot going offline because the daemon command doesn't support anymore.

    Shahab Ahmad doesn't use cjb, he use another server host, looks like linux server. cbj running on FreeBSD and cjb doesn't offer "crontab" or "screen" access, that's why you can't add or use "screen" command

  35. ok.... now im understood the problem... thanks bro :) and is there any free server available or any other way to make bot online always ? :)

  36. Try this linux server from this post it was working but a lil bit difficult to register.

  37. thanks bro.. for registering what i want to type in the place of vps host name ..